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You may recall at the start of 2022 approval was granted to build 44 houses plus 3 self-builds and 6 commercial units on the land behind The Stag. Subsequently the promoter of the scheme (Montare) sold the land with planning permission to Denbury Homes who gave a short presentation to LEPC at a public meeting in April 2023 (see LEPC minutes) of some variations they wanted to make to the planning conditions, primarily design.

Yesterday I watched the UDC Planning Committee (on video) discuss these changes. Concern was expressed that the changes were not insignificant compared to what had previously been approved and the time that has passed since the original application. It was agreed to defer a decision, mainly to allow further discussions between UDC, LEPC and Denbury Homes to find a constructive and mutually conducive way forward for the village to accept the new development. THE DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED AND THAT DECISION IS IRREVERSIBLE. HOUSING NUMBERS WILL NOT BE REDUCED (or increased). What we need to do as a community to is agree what would make the development more acceptable and engage with Denbury Homes.

LEPC intend to commence discussions with UDC and Denbury as soon as possible. The next UDC Planning Committee meeting is on 13th December. This subject may not be on that agenda but, in case it is, we need to get our views across before then. Arguments re flooding, narrow country roads, number of houses, etc have already been made and dismissed. What we are interested in is how can this development be made more acceptable, with a focus on housing design and other areas not previously addressed.

Any questions or views, please send to the Clerk or any councillor.

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Ian Brown – Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

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Sunday 7th January 2024

The flooding at Bowyers Bridge (Mill End) has subsided and the road is passable by vehicles. The emergency access route through the quarry is now closed.

Be aware that there still remains serious flooding throughput the area and care should be taken, particularly on the more rural routes.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience over the past three days.