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This is the first edition of 2024 and it has been three months since the last newsletter!

As everyone knows, February was rather wet and the need for alternate flood routes in and out the village has never been greater. LEPC are currently examining options but, needless to say, from personal experience, every alternate road exiting the village had various levels of floodwater.

The last council meeting took place on 31st January where we had Robert Eburne of Denbury Homes explain their construction programme for 2024. Mr Eburne explained “Duck Street will be closed for one day on 12th March whilst Denbury survey drains and cut back overgrowth from the road-side footway. Essex County Council has determined that the closure will start just beyond the north side of the Park Road junction and its northerly extent will be at The Stag. In reality, the closed stretch of road could be shorter and directly affected residents will be able to access their homes subject to the nature and extent of the works at the time. Clearly, we only need safe access at the direct road frontage of the development
site. As discussed, we have managed to minimise the works here so that the previously identified longer closure will not be required. Access construction works are currently planned without a road closure but there would be traffic light-controlled road works for a limited period to facilitate these. Our regulated construction hours are 0800 to 1800 on Mondays to Fridays 0800 to 1300 on Saturdays with no work on Sundays or Public Holidays. Deliveries commence from 0730.”

For Denbury Homes Community Liaison re complaints/suggestions/observations call 0808-1753623 or email

Following the success of the 2023 Coronation Street Party, and in response to requests from parishioners, Little Easton Manor and the Parish Council are sponsoring an annual village summer get together and, like last year, we are applying to close Duck Street again so we can really bring the community together and creating a fun filled day / evening with something for everyone. This is planned for Saturday 6th July.

In order to be able to budget and plan properly it would be appreciated if residents could indicate their intention to attend as soon as possible. The event will be FREE, attendees will be welcome to bring their own picnics as previously but we do expect that as before there will be the option to purchase food and drink from The Stag Inn and that teas/coffees/soft drinks and cakes will be provided.

You can indicate your intention to attend either by:
1) Our preferred option – visit
and select the applicable tickets
2) Or, pop in to The Stag Inn and let them know – ideally leaving an Email contact for yourself
3) Email us at

More details will be provided as plans take shape but please let us know ASAP how many hope to attend.

All enquiries to:

Ian Brown – Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

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Sunday 7th January 2024

The flooding at Bowyers Bridge (Mill End) has subsided and the road is passable by vehicles. The emergency access route through the quarry is now closed.

Be aware that there still remains serious flooding throughput the area and care should be taken, particularly on the more rural routes.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience over the past three days.