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On Wednesday 19th April 2023 LEPC Councillors and interested members of the public were given a short presentation by Mr Robert Eburne, Planning Manager for Denbury Homes, who have recently bought the land behind The Stag from Montare Ltd.

This land was authorised for the building of 47 houses plus six commercial units. Mr Eburne outlined some modest housing design changes from Montare’s applications. In all other aspects nothing changes. The s73 application (variation of planning conditions) will be submitted by Denbury Homes to UDC by the end of May. It looks likely that Denbury Homes will state the variation is non-material and as an application to make a non-material variation is not an application for planning permission, the existing Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 provisions relating to statutory consultation and publicity do not apply. Therefore UDC has discretion in whether and how they choose to inform other interested parties or seek their views.

Previous arguments used when the Planning Committee approved Montare’s application cannot be raised again. However, LEPC will try to work with Denbury Homes to gain a better outcome for the parish.

If you have questions and comment you would like to put to Denbury Homes then please send them to the Parish Clerk where they can be collated and sent on to Denbury for comment.

This photo shows some existing house designs in the village and Denbur Homes’ take on them to create facades that are sympathetic to those existing designs.

existing house designs in the village and Denbur Homes’ take on them

This photo contrasts Montare’s initial proposal accepted by UDC’s Planning Committee with Denbury Home’s proposal.

contrasts Montare’s initial proposal accepted by UDC's Planning Committee with Denbury Home’s proposal

And finally Denbury Homes summary proposal for the development. Note that Denbury admit variations are minor and limited to style and materials.

Denbury Homes summary proposal for the development

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Sunday 7th January 2024

The flooding at Bowyers Bridge (Mill End) has subsided and the road is passable by vehicles. The emergency access route through the quarry is now closed.

Be aware that there still remains serious flooding throughput the area and care should be taken, particularly on the more rural routes.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience over the past three days.