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The LEPC Annual Parish Assembly and Annual Parish Council Meeting took place last Wednesday.,

At the APA the Chairman outlined achievements over the past year and the forecast finance projection to 2025. This remains healthy and allows various projects to be approved. Finally the Chairman outlined a future of change for Little Easton. Predominantly, the parish will experience a period of intense change where building development is set to increase significantly. The speech can be found at 0cmrgc. Whether you agree with the scope of change outlined by the Chairman or not, the risks are something for all parishioners to be aware of. As such, Councillors are very much focused on the future as more people move into the parish. We need to start preparing for that now.

At the APCM, LEPC welcomed a new Councillor. Jacqui English of Mill End was co-opted and filled one of two vacant roles on the council. We would love to fill the remaining vacancy. Please consider putting yourself forward, especially if you feel your particular locale needs more attention.

It was agreed to go-ahead with the Village Green Verge Protection project, the aim of which is to install a kerb where the village green abuts Manor Road and recovering that part of the green lost to erosion, primarily from vehicles. The recovered verge will be repurposed as a path to allow pedestrians to walk safe from traffic entering and exiting the Memorial Hall car park.

Also agreed was a survey with a view to install two 30mph digital speed awareness devices for Mill End. If the survey is positive and residents agree then we will progress to installation. The survey will also consider siting a device in northern Duck Street for southbound vehicles. As we all know, speeding in Duck Street and other roads is now more frequent and will only worsen as more vehicles use our roads. The downside to such signs is the risk of increasing urbanisation so the precise siting of signs is critical. The Chairman pointed out that Denbury Homes had recently and successfully applied for an extension to the current 30mph limit to cover the entrance to the new houses, thus shortening the 40mph limit to Mill End. Furthermore, the Chairman had previously suggested to County Councillor Martin Foley that this 40mph limit should be changed to 30mph, effectively making all of Duck Street 30mph. Councillor Foley endorsed and forwarded the request to Essex Highways. This has been suggested before and rejected. But we will continue to push for a 30mph limit unless there are a material number of parishioners against it; we’ve yet to hear from anyone who is.

A few projects have been contributed to LEPC (by even fewer parishioners) for which Councillors are grateful. One particularly interesting project is the suggestion for LEPC to create a Parish Youth Council representing the views and opinions of young people in the parish. There could also be social evenings for young people in the parish thus raising the profile of those who cannot yet vote (but eventually will) particularly given we are entering a period of change. But volunteers are need, both young and adult. LEPC is trying too gauge whether this suggestion is viable. What are YOUR views? Do you have children who would be interested?

LEPC is interested in your views on any subject of interest to the parish. Please send these to the Clerk.

All enquiries to:

Ian Brown – Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

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Sunday 7th January 2024

The flooding at Bowyers Bridge (Mill End) has subsided and the road is passable by vehicles. The emergency access route through the quarry is now closed.

Be aware that there still remains serious flooding throughput the area and care should be taken, particularly on the more rural routes.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience over the past three days.