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Little Easton Parish Council

Planning Policy Working Group 17th May 2017

Were the Land Securities proposal for Easton Park New Town of up to 10000 houses be included in the New Local Plan it would totally change the heritage and rural character and appearance of not only Little Easton but also Great Dunmow and the whole of the area for generations to come.

This is not just about the proposal to build 3500 houses in Little Easton in this plan period it is about Land Securities avowed intention to build up to 10000 houses on Easton Park in future plan periods.

This would be a new town larger than Great Dunmow and as big as Cambourne and create an urban sprawl from Great Dunmow – through Woodlands Park, the new Barratts development on the Stortford Road to Easton Park New Town and on to Little Canfield, Takeley and Bishops Stortford.

The 3500 houses proposed in this plan period would be an isolated settlement accessed via the existing Quarry entrance road which, as the quarry will be working for another 15 years, will need to be rerouted around the quarry and mean a journey of at least a mile if not more from the entrance to the beginnings of the new settlement alongside the Gardens of Easton Lodge

Agenda Item 3 referring to Easton Park says in section 2

“to serve a new settlement of 10000 new homes as a minimum, two access points will be required”


“unless an additional access point onto the strategic highway network can be identified and delivered then access to Easton Park is a risk to scheme delivery”

At a recent meeting with Land Securities the Vectos Transport consultant, David Bird, representing Land Securities, confirmed absolutely and categorically that Park Road in Little Easton will never be used as an access road for construction or residents traffic for the development and Councillor Rolfe, who was at the meeting, agreed this was a key requirement of the proposal being considered.

The council will be well aware from bitter experience with developments such as Flitch Green that it is critical the developer provides infrastructure early in the construction period.

Land Securities said in our meeting that infrastructure for the 3500 houses would be provided ‘by the end of the plan period’.

Early and mid term occupants of the site would be completely isolated.

There is no doubt that the actual provision of infrastructure would be determined by the overall intention to build the 10000 homes.

A key issue is the impact on the heritage of Little Easton and Agenda Item 7 details assessments of the various proposals.

If you have read it, which I hope you have, you cannot help but be concerned by what appear to be completely different criteria applied when comparing Easton Park with other proposal sites with key factors which are dismissed as unimportant in Little Easton then being classed as critical in other areas.

Three minutes is not enough time to address those concerns so Parish Councillor Andy Dodsley has emailed you all with a range of questions to which we would like replies as a matter of urgency.

It is critical that for the New Local Plan to pass scrutiny then the sites chosen should be the best and most suitable sites based on an open and unbiased approach.

If that approach is taken then we believe Easton Park, with the adverse effect it would have on the area for generations to come, should not be included in the New Local Plan.

Chris Audritt

Little Easton Parish Council


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