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Land Securities propose to build a NEW TOWN ultimately

comprising 10,000 houses on Easton Park


  •  We have formed an Action Group called STOP EASTON PARK to raise awareness and fight this proposal.
  •  Unlike the previous Land Securities application to build 700 houses, this new proposal could well be favoured by Uttlesford District Council (“UDC”) since it provides an easy answer to their 15 year housing shortage.
  • 10,000 houses is difficult to visualise. But imagine a population 2.5x bigger than Great Dunmow is currently. That’s the size of the proposal. AND IT’S SITED IMMEDIATELY ADJACENT TO LITTLE EASTON!
  • We are not ignorant of the need for additional and affordable housing. But houses have to be built in the right location. Easton Park is wrong for so many reasons.
  • Many approvals to build have already been granted by UDC over past years. BUT NOT ALL DEVELOPERS ARE BUILDING, PREFERRING TO HOARD PLANNING PERMITS FOR LATER PROFIT. UDC DOES NOT HAVE THE LEGAL POWER TO FORCE CONTINUANCE OF BUILD ONCE STARTED. This has created a shortage and the opportunity for Land Securities to submit the Easton Park proposal WHICH THEY WILL PURSUE FOR HUGE PROFIT.
  • Our current objective is to discourage UDC from adopting Easton Park in any shape or form as a total solution or part of its 15 year plan.
  • UDC are to finally vote on their Long Term Housing Plan by the end of the year. BUT WE MUST ACT NOW SINCE UDC WILL VOTE ON WHETHER TO INCLUDE EASTON PARK IN ITS LOCAL PLAN ON 22 JUNE 2017.


There are 39 UDC Councillors and their contact details can be found  HERE
You can send the same e-mail to all Councillors but it should be your own thoughts and wording or it will be ignored. Here are a few key points you might like to select from:

  •  There would be a harmful effect on the landscape as a result of loss of open fields and the impact on views.
  •  A key environmental and historical asset of Uttlesford would be lost forever.
  •  High-grade agricultural land would be lost.
  •  An eventual urban sprawl from Great Dunmow through to Birchanger.
  • Questionable local employment opportunities will create a commuter dormitory.
  • Unsustainable strain on our infrastructure/transportation network with the A120 already at capacity.
  • Proposals are not sustainable as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Proposals are not Town and Country Planning Act compliant.

Action Group members for STOP EASTON PARK are:

If you have questions or would like to help feel free to contact any of the above.

STOP EASTON PARK - you can download a flyer with this information here

Easton Park

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