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Dear Resident,

You will no doubt have already heard about the Uttlesford District Council (UDC) draft Local Plan which is proposing to build up to 10,000 new homes on Easton Park. The plan has now been agreed by the council and is out for public consultation between now and the 4th of September 2017.

UDC have now published details of drop in exhibitions at which residents can go along to see the details of the plan for themselves so that they can make informed comments on the plan during the consultation. We have published the details of all the exhibitions on the Little Easton Parish Council website ( but thought we would bring your attention to the Easton Park event as this impacts most on Little Easton which is on Wednesday 26th July from 5.00pm to 8.30pm at the Memorial Hall, Manor Road, Little Easton.

This is your opportunity to view the details of the Local Plan for yourself and make any comments.

Please don’t be taken in by the lower numbers detailed in the first phase – The stated intention is to continue building houses after phase one to eventually build 10,000 new homes, to treble the size of Great Dunmow with all the associated urban sprawl and increase in traffic. The plan also details a further 10,000 homes to be built just down the A120 at Stebbing which will add further to the impact on our roads.

  • It is easy to think that this won’t affect you. However there is always a time lag in the building of houses and the associated infrastructure. So:
  • If you have children that go to school or will be going to school – This will affect you.
  • If you go shopping – This will affect you.
  • If you drive in the local area or use the A120 and M11 – This will affect you
  • If you use the doctors or other health services – This will affect you
  • If you love this area – This will affect you

Your Parish Council would like to preserve our local heritage for future generations. We are here to represent you and would like to know what you think. Please note our next meeting is Wednesday 19th July 7.30 in The Memorial Hall and you are most welcome to attend, Easton Park is an early agenda item.

If you would like to find out more, please go along to the exhibition on the 26th of July.

If you want Uttlesford to hear your views – Please make sure you send them your comments during the consultation period. If they don’t hear anything they will assume that you are happy with the proposal.

Kind regards

Little Easton Parish Council

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