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Little Easton Parish Council

Easton Park

Uttlesford District Council have proposed Easton Park as a new Garden Community of 10,000 homes as part of the current Local Plan.

If the development in this unsuitable location is approved it will have a devastating effect on the surrounding area, resulting in the loss of precious landscape, destruction of many of our historic heritage assets and place huge burdens on local infrastructure. Little Easton Parish Council believe that the proposals are unsustainable and should not be approved.

We have expressed our objections in both the Regulation 18 and Regulation 19 consultations held by the District Council. The Local Plan is now to be the subject of an Examination in Public to be held by planning inspectors in July 2019. We will be participating in the public enquiry and detailing our objections on behalf of the residents of the village.

A residents action group called “Stop Easton Park” has been formed to support the parish council in fighting the proposals. Detailed information about the campaign and the threat to our village and the local area can be found on their website at

Easton Park Proposals