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Little Easton Parish Council

The Parish Council

Your Parish Council is a local authority constituted by parliament and governed by legislation

Members of the public are very welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which always include a time for a public forum during which you are able to comment on agenda items and other matters at the Chairman's discretion. Parish Council meetings are not a 'public' meeting but are in fact a meeting of the Parish Council held in public.

Parish Council Members

photo of councillor - Chair

Sarah Sidgwick


Local Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Memorial Hall

photo of councillor Katie Rodwell - Vice Chair

Katy Rodwell

Vice Chairman

Memorial Hall

Gardens of Easton Lodge

Highwood Quarry

photo of councillor Rebecca Fowell

Rebecca Fowell


Play Area

Parish Maintenance

Footpaths and Highways

photo of councillor Sarah Keefe

Sarah Keefe


War Memorial

Play Area


photo of councillor




photo of councillor



Parish Council Clerk

Ian Brown - Parish Council Clerk

Ian Brown

The clerk handles all correspondence with the council - contact him here.

Register of interests

This Council has a statutory duty to publish our members' register of interests on our website.

To enable us to comply with this duty without the need to maintain a register ourselves, Uttlesford District Council has all the lists and this link will take you to the parish registers from where you can locate the registers of individual councillors.